Dedicated for Manufacturing Cytotoxic Products


The Chungli factory was founded in 1968. The facilities are dedicated to the production of cytotoxic drugs and are capable of manufacturing oral capsules and liquid injections. It is also equipped to handle liposome products using a cutting-edge automated-skid.


The Chungli factory is built with exceptional qualities in compliance with PIC/S GMP and has been inspected by numerous regulatory agencies including the US FDA, EU EMA, Japan PMDA, Arabian officials, German officials, ANVISA (Brazil) and Taiwan FDA. Our expertise ensures products manufactured here adhere to the highest standards of quality and safety. Our unparalleled experience and well-established reputation in the field of liposomes has been proven by our partnerships with several of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies.


Compliance Approvals

1987:Taiwan GMP completion
2008:Approved by EMA(Hungary) officials
2009:Approved by Taiwan FDA - comply with PIC/S GMP
2010:Approved by Arabians officials (Bahrain, Oman, Yemen)
2011:Approved by Germany officials
2012:Approved by Brazil officials
2013:Approved by Japan PMDA and inspected by US FDA


Injection Plant
  • Capacity
    • Liquid injections 300,000 units/Yr
    • Liposome injections 460,000 units/Yr
  • Facility
    • A dedicated automated skid for commercial production of Liposomal Injection
    • Contracted with global pharmaceutical companies for global supply


Oral Plant
  • Capacity:
    • Capsules 20 million units/Yr
    • Soft gel capsules - A new production line will be ready in 2015.


Streamline Production to Packaging

The Chungli factory recognizes that having an integrated packaging and distribution capability is the most efficient way to accelerate the time to market. Our packaging and labeling capabilities include:

  • Bottles
  • Blisters (thermoform and cold form)
  • Vials (liquid and lyophilized)
  • Labeling
  • Cartoning
  • Temperature and moisture controlled conditions available

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