Dedicated for Manufacturing non-Cytotoxic Products


The Lioudu factory was founded in 1964 and was a manufacturing site of Taiwan Shionogi & Co., Ltd (TS). Now the facility is dedicated to the production of non-cytotoxic drugs and is capable of manufacturing oral tablets, oral capsules, liquid injections, and lyophilized products. TTY acquired it in 2010 and transformed it from a traditional factory into a factory that specializes in the production of specialty drugs. This factory is unique to produce both liposome and microsphere drugs.



Compliance Approvals

1983:Taiwan GMP completion
2011:Approved by Japan PMDA
2013:Approved by Taiwan FDA - comply with PIC/S GMP (oral drug)

Injection Plant
  • Liquid & lyophilized injections
    • Capacity
      • Liquid injections 1~5 million units/Yr
      • Lyophilized injections 0.3~1.5 million units/Yr
  • Liposome injections
    • Capacity:Liposome injections 0.3~0.5 million units/Yr
    • Facility:
      • A dedicated manufacturing facility for commercial production of lyophilized liposomal injection
  • Microsphere injections
    • Capacity:Injections 1~2 million units/Yr

    • Facility

      • A dedicated manufacturing GMP facility  of sustained -release microsphere products
      • Cooperating with international partners for global submission


Oral Plant
  • Capacity:
    • Tablets  360~700 million units/Yr
    • Capsules 100~200 million units/Yr


Streamline Production to Packaging

The Lioudu factory recognizes that having an integrated packaging and distribution capability is the most efficient way to accelerate the time to market. Our packaging and labeling capabilities include:

  • Bottles
  • Blisters (thermoform and cold form)
  • Vials (liquid and lyophilized)
  • Labeling
  • Cartoning
  • Temperature and moisture controlled conditions available


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