Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are elected with its "Director Election Policy." The Board is comprised of nine members and three out of nice are independent directors.




  • Education
    • BS., School of Pharmacy, Taipei Medical University
  • Current Employment
    • Director, TSH Biopharm Company Limited
    • Chairman, DaWan Technology Co., Ltd.
    • Chairman, Xudong Haipu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Vice Chairman CHANG, WEN-HWA

  • Education
    • MBA of Manmos College
  • Current Employment
    • Director, TSH Biopharm Company Limited
    • Director, Arich Investment Co., Ltd.
    • Director, CY Biotech Company Limited
    • Director,PharmaEngine, Inc.


  • Education
    • MBA, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
    • Ph.D, Graduate School of Business Administration, NATIONAL CHENGCHI UNIVERSITY, TAIWAN
  • Current Employment
    • Chairman, Yangtze Associates
    • Director & President, Huiyang Private Equity Fund Co., Ltd
    • Independent Director, ASROCK Incorporation
    • Independent Director , DBS Bank (Taiwan) Ltd.
    • Director, Pegatron


  • Education
    • EMBA, National Taiwan University College of Management
    • BS., School of Pharmacy, Taipei Medical University
  • Current Employment
    • Director and General Manager,Purzer Pharmaceutical Company Limited
    • Chairman, 元化生物科技開發股份有限公司
    • Chairman, 鴻源投資股份有限公司


  • Education
    • MS., MBA Program, College of Management, National Taiwan University
    • MS, Graduate Program, Department of Diplomacy, National Chengchi University
  • Current Employment
    • Chairman, Szu Heng Feng Biotech Investment Company Limited
    • Chairman, Inalways Corporation
    • Vice President and General Manager, Black Wood Investment Company, Ltd.


  • Education
    • MBA, University of Missouri, USA
  • Current Employment
    • Director, Co., Ltd.
    • Director, Evenstar Capital Limited

Independent Director Tsai, Duei

  • Education
    • Ph.D., Graduate Institute of Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University
  • Current Employment
    • Independent Director, Compal Electronics, INC
    • Independent Director, Getac Technology Corporation
    • Independent Director, Taiwan Taxi Co., Ltd

Independent Director Hsueh, Ming-Ling

  • Education
    • MBA,Bloomsburg University, Pennsylvania, USA
    • MS., Graduate Institute of Accounting, Soochow University
  • Current Employment
    • Adjunct Professor, School of Management, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
    • Independent Director, Yuanta Financial Holding Co., Ltd
    • Independent Director, Walsin Lihwa Corporation
    • Independent Director, Lite-On Group

Independent Director LIN, TIEN-FU

  • Education
    • Intermediate Accounting Group, Center for Public Administration and Business Management Education, National Chengchi University,Accounting Training Session 52 Common Accounting Group and Session 57
  • Employment
    • Chairman, Yuanta Futures Co., Ltd.