About TOT

In 2000, TTY BIOPHARM established our TTY Oncology Business Unit (TOT) in Taiwan. This unit is devoted to biotechnologies focusing on the development of anti-cancer therapy through drug research capability and innovative international business strategies.

TOT possesses the competency covering the entire industry value chain from R&D in innovative cancer treatments, formulation development, preclinical studies, clinical trials,translational research,new drug applications, manufacturing that comply with PIC/S standard to marketing/sales operations.

TOT specializes in knowledge and capability of operation in Asia. We established operation teams in China and other major in Asian Pacific. TOT set up R&D center (Shanghai) and TOT BIOPHARM (Suzhou) in 2010 and built dedicated cancer drug manufacturing facilities in China. TOT has also established business operation teams in Shanghai as well as a representative office in Hanoi, Vietnam to implement stategic marketing plans. Moreover, TOT actively collaborates with new drug research and development organizations and globally form alliances with strategic partners. Apart from aggressive collaboration and alliance formation with strategic partners that specialize in preclinical drug development, we have also expanded our operation teams into China and other key Asian regions. The TOT unit officially established the TOT R&D Center (Shanghai) and TOT Biopharm (Suzhou) in 2010 and began to build dedicated cancer drug manufacturing facilities. TOT has also set up marketing teams in Shanghai with a representative office in Hanoi, Vietnam to execute strategic marketing plans.

Core TOT Values 

  • Provide the optimal treatment to each and every cancer patient 
  • Provide cancer patients with access to high-quality anti-cancer drugs at reasonable prices 
  • Enable cancer patients to achieve physical and spiritual well-being

We wish to extend our services to all cancer patients, oncology experts, and international partners with the greatest sincerity, in the hopes of eventually achieving the vision of "improving the quality of life and well being of cancer patients through innovative science."

Four Major TOT Service Concepts

  • Professionalism:

As a partner to oncologists and cancer patients, we will learn and grow together in finding the best solutions to fight cancer. To achieve that, we shall continue to focus in the field of malignant neoplasia, pursue and integrate the most current knowledge and most cutting edge technology, invest in the R&D and promotion of innovative drugs and therapies.

  • Care:

To demonstrate the value of our products, we shall provide patients and physicians with the optimal treatment plans by providing the right treatment to the right patient at the right time, and by ensuring that patients have access to high-quality anti-cancer drugs at reasonable prices, thus enabling patients to achieve physical and spiritual well-being.

  • Innovation:

We continue to strive for new ways to work and to co-operate with others. With a high degree of professionalism as our foundation, we hope to contribute by cuttings time and cost to cater to unmet medical needs, yet still upholding diversity of culture and thought principles ingrained into TOT BIOPHARM.

  • Speed:

We will always respond quickly and execute tasks with pragmatism, taking into account our corporate values and goals, and the needs of our customers.

TOT Focus on Three Types of Cancer Drugs

  • Special formulations - new formulation drug mainly based on liposome technology and in-depth development and application 
  • Biologics - similar biological drugs and protein new drugs 
  • Innovative biotech drugs - oncolytic virus, gene and immunization therapy drugs

TOT Competitive Strength in the Development of New Drugs

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Improving the quality of life and well being of cancer patients through innovative science