Training & Development

TTY University

We believe that an important way to construct core corporate competitiveness is to “rapidly acquire knowledge, effectively transmit knowledge, and turn knowledge into consensus and organizational capability ASAP!”. In order to encourage our coworkers to make hidden knowledge explicit, conduct knowledge sharing and engage in lifetime learning, TTY has established a comprehensive internal corporate training system - TTY University. This actively helps every Tier to systematically and practically prepare for skills needed in their personal roles, and continue deepening of knowledge and capability within their professional fields, while gaining understanding about the roles and capabilities of other functional areas up and down the industry value chain. This broadens the vista, helps effective communication with experts of all areas, and even supports planning for the next stage of personal career developments. From research, manufacturing, to sales and marketing, professional knowledge in the biotech industry and corporate culture of TTY is merged into six colleges and one major study program in both physical and online classes.

By now, TTY has successfully trained dozens of internal professional instructors in nearly one hundred different courses in all fields. Every instructor in TTY University has passed through a comprehensive instructor training program, which includes subjecting to multi-stage challenges such as rigorous qualification reviews, teaching plan audits, and pilot teaching. Only then will these excellent internal instructors be qualified for teaching. We encourage all TTYers to actively join the program as a drive to self-learning. We further hope that our coworkers can effectively absorb and apply what we’ve learned into their work through these systematic training plans and course participations.


New Comer Socialization

In order to help new TTYers to adapt to our organizational culture as soon as possible, to understand their self-positioning and demonstrate their performance, we’ve devised a series of new comer training courses in the hope that every new coworker can start to understand TTY step by step and build up one’s ability, beginning with our vision and value, organizational strategic direction, key points of the job and its required core capability, and resources available within the organization. At the same time, through the mentoring system that helps transmit our heritage, every new comer is encouraged to fit in to the company culture as soon as possible, and to feel the same vision and realize the value of the role they play!



Talent Development Program (TDP)

We understand deeply that in order to seek success tomorrow, we cannot ignore talent today. To train talents capable of future leadership for the organization, we’ve devoted great efforts in building a culture of talent development within the TTY group. This includes both method and tools for talent evaluation and development. Through exchange and integration of resources and knowledge within the group, we provide our coworkers with more diversified career choices and wider stages, and hope the help find the best developmental goals and plans jointly with our coworkers that best matches the organizational demand and personal interest!

With great attention, we’ve devised different key developmental points, plans, and tools for coworkers with a range of knowledge, experience, and capabilities. This enables our coworkers to have more opportunity to expand their vision, actually feel different work experiences, and develop their own potential! Through customized individual development goals (IDP), we define periodic and real-time feedback and instruction. We hope that every TTYer can continuously and solidly accumulate abilities for their short, medium, and long-term career development goals!