Join TTY

At TTY, talent is our most cherished asset. We strive to build a working environment that offers peach of mind and fairness, and provide competitive salary packages and a diversified benefit system. We hope every coworker can attain balance between work and life. Realize your strengths, and enjoy work.


  • Market competitive salary packages and bonus upon three annual festivals
  • Performance oriented annual raises, performance bonuses, and all kinds of rewards and talent-retention programs.
  • We provide phone and transport subsidies according to job demands.
  • A leave system more generous than that of the Labor Standards Act, including special leave, paid sick leave and travel leave.
  • Comprehensive employee group insurance plans and annual health checks.
  • We provide birthday bonuses, bonuses on weddings and funerals, consolation bonuses, and disaster relief funds.
  • Annual Family day, domestic and international company tour and end-of year celebration activities.
  • We encourage our coworkers to setup company societies and provide subsidies for societal activities.


Under the sustained growth momentum of our organization, we continually invite, encourage, and train talents with the “entrepreneurship spirit” who agree with our outlook to join our team and make full use of talents to the utmost of your potential! At TTY, the stage we give you will be as large as your dream!