TTY Culture

The Enterprise Culture of TTY is to conduct everything with integrity. We start from the solid basics, and encourage innovation and thorough execution. More importantly, while crating maximum benefit for the organization, we also engage in learning, growth, and social contribution with every member of the big family of TTY!

Contribution towards society

The starting point of everything we do in TTY is to “make contribution towards society while making profit at the same time”. We at TTY emphatically refuse to undertake actions that only earn profit without benefiting society. Besides earning profits, TTY has also pushed for multiple charity events over the years, including many patient community caretaking and public service in remote areas; we pushing for joining industry-academic master degrees that will inject the needed knowledge and resources into the academic world required by the biotech industry, while also realizing design of advanced courses; we designed systematic and solid summer internship programs that give students in our country and broad a chance to see the diversified career developments in biotech industries…. Etc.



At TTY, we expect everyone to be able to clearly recognize our own strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, to define practical and concrete goals that balance the long term and the short term, and to propose and execute optimized action strategy. Whether success or fail, we must face it with honesty. Receive constructive feedback from others, and see it as an opportunity to learn and modify our behavior. Transform experiences of both failure and success to organizational knowledge.



TTY encourages our employee to think out of the box, and to learn, absorb and with an open mind; and to apply useful concepts, technologies and experiences in responding to issues and challenges, thereby creating new milestones.



At TTY, we understand the link between our own missions and goals to those of the organizational goal. We also reach full consensus about the mission and goal, and strive to do our utmost! When we encounter difficulties, we should systematically solve the issue, and reexamine organizational need, goals, and missions in the process of execution. Even if we encounter difficulties and failure, we will still be self-disciplined and keep on working until the goals and our missions have been achieved.


TTY places heavy emphasis on the value of “people”. We believe that the “people” are the most important core in shaping organizational culture and generate performance. Decisions and choices made by every TTYer in the course of executing towards the goals and challenging high performance reflect the value and culture of TTY. Therefore, in TTY we aspire for all our coworkers to transform vision and value statements to everyday activity and behavior. We demonstrate initiative and active learning while continually challenge and achieve high performance goals. Furthermore, we share our own experience, knowledge, skills, and network resources so that we proper and share with each other, thus becoming trustworthy partners of our team and our customers!