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A new drug development company.

Dedicated on drug development and marketing in China.

Dedicated on R&D and marketing of cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, and auto-immune disease drugs.

In 2011, TTY split its "Consumer Healthcare Business" to establish "CY Biotech." CY Biotech is committed to the medical services of healthcare. Aiming at improving health condition and life quality of consumers, CY Biotech provides quality, effective, and innovative products and services to satisfy consumers' needs in health.


TTY founded PharmaEngine, Inc. in 2001. Its main investors included TTY as well as National Development Fund, Executive Yuan and other major domestic biotech venture capital firms. Stocks of PharmaEngine, Inc. was registered and traded over the counter in 2013. PharmaEngine, Inc. is a new drug development company, dedicated in anti-cancer drug development. PharmaEngine successfully authorized its new pancreatic cancer drug to US pharmaceutical company, Merrimack in 2011. PharmaEngine will continue its efforts in new drug development for treatment of pancreatic cancer, colorectal cancer, gastric cancer, lung cancer, and brain cancer.

In 2005, TTY registered a wholly owned subsidiary company in Hong Kong, and founded Worldco International Co., Ltd. in Beijing. Worldco is focusing on disease categories of antibiotic ID, CNS, and Liver. Worldco headquarter locates at Beijing's central business district. It owns extensive sales teams and comprehensive sales network in China. Worldco currently has more than 100 staffs in sales teams, covering about 30 major cities in China. In the future, Wordco will continue the cooperation with Chinese research institutes for local new drug development. At the same time, Wordco will actively lead in international experiences of development, manufacturing, and management. Wordco will also build strategic alliances with international biotech pharmaceutical companies. By doing so, Worldco will improve its global development collaboration model, building its own Specialty Pharma advantages in Chinese market. Worldco will build itself as a leading corporation in drug development and manufacturing enterprise in China. It will enter Chinese market with its high-barrier, efficacy-proven drugs with innovative formulations, becoming the best partner for international biotech innovative pharmaceutical factories in Chinese market for drug development and marketing.

In 2010, TTY spin-off the medical drugs business office to set up a TSH Biopharm Co., Ltd. TSH started stock registered and traded over the counter in 2012. TSH is dedicated on R&D and marketing of cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, and auto-immune disease drugs. Its products include antihypertensive compound, Amtrel- treatment of arrhythmia, Rytmonorm, ISOPTIN SR-to prevent thrombosis and stroke, Licodin, ISORMOL-treatment of angina, Mopride-treatment of functional dyspepsia, Catilon-treatment of irritable bowel syndrome, Gastor-T- treatment of chemotherapy induced vomiting, Regrow-treatment of coughing, Lonine-relieve the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, LACOXA-relieve the symptoms of arthritis and ALEVIATIN-treatment of epilepsy. TSH is the expert of chronic disease area in Taiwan.