Around the world

TTY focuses on research and development and innovation of antitumor and against severe infection's areas. TTY conduct in-depth cultivation Asian markets, and integrates internationalnew drug technology platforms and strategic marketing advantage. TTY connects closely with global expert communities to provide therapy plan of the best economic values. TTY is dedicated to being aninternational leading biotech pharmaceutical company specializing in specialformulations and biotech technology drug development and marketing.

In manufacturing, TTY owns internationalized factories with high-standard quality controlling process and excellent production management. Our manufacturing base was established according to international standards, and it is able to produce drugs of high competitive barriers and added values for global marketing.

TTY uses the foundation of solid research and development and production capabilities to build global strategic alliances. It also uses company of joint venture to expand markets, integrate biotech technology and advantages, and create profit. TTY now is an innovative, "global marketing and drug development oriented" innovative biotech enterprise.