As long as people remember to turn on the tap of hope,

                                                      miracles can be found in their lives

As the leader in the biotechnology industry, TTY actively participates in social interest activities throughout the years. Our corporation not only gains from society, but also contributes its care to the piece of land called Taiwan several times over the resources it consumes.


Corporate care activities:

  • Providing scholarships and allowances to children in middle schools and high schools whose parents are ridden with cancer.

  • Performing instructional workshops for all types of cancer patients and their families throughout Taiwan.

  • Providing information sessions that help the public in remote villages and townships by steering them away from cancer-inducing activities.

  • Performing lectures titled “Cancer Prevention for Middle School Students” in remote villages and townships and outlying islands.

  • Hosting promotional activities on fighting cancer at Gongguan Elementary School and Green Island Elementary School in Green Island, Taitung County every year.

  • Creating “Massage Stations” to provide jobs for the visually impaired.

Activities of social care on the part of our employees:

The employees show their concerns for our land and its culture whenever they spot a chance to do so. Examples of such activities include planting trees in the experimental forest of National Taiwan University in Nantou County, caring for patients at hospitals, donating material to orphanages, participating in the fundraising campaigns of various foundations and associations and donating medical chests to three schools on Green Island.

TTY's Responsibility

Under the leadership of an outstanding and professional management team, TTY Biopharm strives to improve the quality of life of the human race with technology and to become the leader in Taiwan's biotechnology industry. We firmly
believe that a corporation should fulfill its social responsibility and avoid damaging the long-term value of the corporation, the nation, and even the earth for the sake of short-term profit. The corporation should uphold the creed of sustainable development
whether in terms of the economy, society, or the environment so that it can create eternal value for the corporation.

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