Industry Academy Cooperation

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Since 2008, TTY has cooperated with academic institutions with medicine, pharmaceutics, and management around the world. The company plans and provides summer internship programs (SIP) annually to implement the integration between the industry and the academia and to develop talent. These programs also allow students participating in those programs to understand the current situation of the biotechnology industry, the operation of corporations, and the workplace mindset. Our company can contribute to the society by providing such programs.

TTY's Responsibility

Under the leadership of an outstanding and professional management team, TTY Biopharm strives to improve the quality of life of the human race with technology and to become the leader in Taiwan's biotechnology industry. We firmly
believe that a corporation should fulfill its social responsibility and avoid damaging the long-term value of the corporation, the nation, and even the earth for the sake of short-term profit. The corporation should uphold the creed of sustainable development
whether in terms of the economy, society, or the environment so that it can create eternal value for the corporation.