The talent is the most precious asset of TTY. We create an environment in which all employees find it worthy to create their dreams together. We provide a compensation structure that is competitive in the market. We build a knowledge-oriented learning organization and environment. We build a complete training mechanism. We encourage all employees to share their knowledge and commit themselves to lifelong learning, as well as to turn their knowledge into the competence of the organization. Additionally, we encourage employees to pay attention to the balance in their work and domestic lives. We believe that a culture of caring that is based on human values will allow all employees to demonstrate their talent and exert their potentials on their positions with peace of mind. Employees can then make their family members proud of their careers.

Compensations and benefits

To increase interests shared between our company and our employees and to encourage our employees to contribute their talent and create more benefits to the society, our company has comprehensive benefits and compensation structures. Our company has codified fair and just salary increase schedules and promotion opportunities. These measures take care of our employees’ lives and protect their rights.
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Nurturing and developing talent

Our company provides all kinds of training and development activities for current employees so that the company can fulfill its corporate vision and improve the career development of our employees. Our company improves the specialties and skills of our employees to accomplish the shared goals of the organization and to create individual achievements of the employees themselves.
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The working environment and protecting the safety of employees

To guarantee the safety of our employees, our company not only helps all employees to participate in Labor Insurance and National Health Insurance but also provides a wide range of insurance such as group insurance, accident insurance, occupational hazard insurance, cancer insurance, and business travel insurance. Our company also performs employee health screening each year to ensure the health of employees.
Our company carries public accident liability insurance on workplaces such as the offices and factories. Our company also requests supervisors to perform public safety equipment inspections on buildings and fire safety equipment in the factories as required by law. Our company also selects employees to acquire fire safety administrator certifications. Such employees are then responsible for drafting fire safety plans at the workplace and maintain the fire safety equipment and safety of the workplace.
To prevent occupational hazards and protect the safety and health of the employees, our company codifies “Safety and Health Occupation Guidelines” pursuant to Occupation Safety and Health Act. Our company appoints occupational safety and health administrators and first aid workers at all factories as required by laws and performs safety and health training annually.
In light of the importance of protection measures in the workplace and personal safety, TTY Biopharm also provides related training at factories. The company provides “Occupational Safety and Health Education Series” training for our employees. Such training includes courses such as general health and safety training, the methods of providing safety awareness, promoting workplace health, and using and selecting masks correctly. Through the course of training, the company also applies evaluations on learning to verify the accuracy of employee learning. These measures can ensure the implementation of concepts of protection measures for the workplace and personal safety.

TTY's Responsibility

Under the leadership of an outstanding and professional management team, TTY Biopharm strives to improve the quality of life of the human race with technology and to become the leader in Taiwan's biotechnology industry. We firmly
believe that a corporation should fulfill its social responsibility and avoid damaging the long-term value of the corporation, the nation, and even the earth for the sake of short-term profit. The corporation should uphold the creed of sustainable development
whether in terms of the economy, society, or the environment so that it can create eternal value for the corporation.