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The talent is the most precious asset of TTY. We create an environment in which all employees find it worthy to create their dreams together. We provide a compensation structure that is competitive in the market. We build a knowledge-oriented learning organization and environment. We build a complete training mechanism. We encourage all employees to share their knowledge and commit themselves to lifelong learning, as well as to turn their knowledge into the competence of the organization. Additionally, we encourage employees to pay attention to the balance in their work and domestic lives. We believe that a culture of caring that is based on human values will allow all employees to demonstrate their talent and exert their potentials on their positions with peace of mind. Employees can then make their family members proud of their careers.

Compensations and benefits

To increase interests shared between our company and our employees and to encourage our employees to contribute their talent and create more benefits to the society, our company has comprehensive benefits and compensation structures. Our company has codified fair and just salary increase schedules and promotion opportunities. These measures take care of our employees’ lives and protect their rights.
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Nurturing and developing talent

Our company provides all kinds of training and development activities for current employees so that the company can fulfill its corporate vision and improve the career development of our employees. Our company improves the specialties and skills of our employees to accomplish the shared goals of the organization and to create individual achievements of the employees themselves.
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Occupational Health and Safety

Working environment and employee safety


TTY Biopharm provides labor and health insurance, group insurance, accident insurance, occupational accident insurance, cancer insurance, and business travel insurance for all employees to safeguard employee safety. Additionally annual health checks help ensure employee health.

The company has purchased public liability insurance for all work stations of the company and its factories. Inspections of public safety equipment (including firefighting equipment) in buildings are reported to the competent authority on a regular basis pursuant to relevant laws and regulations. TTY has acquired licenses for its firefighting management personnel, formulates fire safety plans for all work stations, and maintains the safety of workplace firefighting equipment.

The company has also formulated Occupational Health and Safety Work Rules and Occupational Health and Safety Management Plans pursuant to the Occupational Safety and Health Act and other relevant laws to prevent occupational accidents and safeguard employee health and safety. Occupational health and safety units have been established and relevant management and rescue personnel have been designated in all factories in accordance with relevant laws. In addition, safety and health training is organized on an annual basis.

In view of the importance of protective measures in the fields of work environment and personal safety, TTY Biopharm organizes relevant training courses in its factories. Occupational Health and Safety Education Courses are offered for newly inducted employees and active duty staff. Course contents include general health and safety training, raising of safety awareness, workplace health promotion, and correct choice of respirators. Learning assessments are utilized during courses to verify learning outcomes and directions and ensure the implementation of protective measures in the fields of work environment and personal safety.

Occupational accident statistics


Main hazard sources in the production and operating environment: Adequate preventive measures are adopted for high-noise and high -temperature operations, dusty environments, operations involving specific chemicals and organic solvents. Personal protective equipment (respirators, gloves, safety goggles, and laboratory coats) is provided for employees who perform special duties involving organic solvents, special chemicals, or high-noise environments. Employees are strictly required to wear all necessary protective equipment when conducting the aforementioned operations. Organic solvents and specific chemicals must be handled under a fume hood or exhaust cowl. Earplugs/earmuffs are provided to prevent noise hazards in high-noise environments and special checks for noise damage are conducted on an annual basis. In addition, on-site walk-around inspections and contractor safety management are carried out in factory areas to ensure that all employees achieve the goal of safety first. During the reporting period, the total workforce reached 487 (242 male, 245 female) and total working hours of male and female employees amounted to 493,998 and 501,526 hours, respectively. Other than traffic accidents during commuting, no occupational injuries were reported in 2016 and no workdays were lost due to such injuries.

Operating environment monitoring


Article 12 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, Article 17 of the Enforcement Rules of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, and Article 10 of the Labor Operating Environment Safety Monitoring Implementation Guidelines stipulate that sampling strategies shall be adopted and operating environment monitoring plans containing such strategies shall be formulated in accordance with hazard characteristics, monitoring purposes, and guidelines announced by the central competent authority as a reference for execution.

Employee physical and health checks/management

Pursuant to the regulations set forth in Article 6, Article 20, Article 21, and Article 22 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, employers are required to conduct medical examinations and health checks. TTY Biopharm conducts health exams for employees of all factories. These exams include general and special health check items. The company offers regular and special exams for all employees on an annual basis. Physicians from designated hospitals are commissioned to proceed to factories and provide health check reports and consultation. Employees with abnormal test results are instructed to proceed to the hospital for follow-up visits and tracking. Relevant health check measures are shown in the chart below:

Health education and follow-up tracking and exams are provided by occupational medicine practitioners based on the medical examination results. On-site assessments of suspected work-related diseases are conducted if deemed necessary. Diseases are reclassified based on assessment results which are reported to the central competent authority together with adopted measures according to prescribed methods.

Emergency response training and drills

TTY Biopharm uses a wide variety of chemicals. Relevant departments have formulated emergency response procedures to prevent dangers such as chemical leakages causing pollution of the environment, fires, and explosions. Chemical leakage handling, protective clothing practice, firefighting, evacuation, and emergency relief drills are conducted in cooperation with on-site departments on an annual basis to reinforce emergency response concepts and skills.

The Lioudu Factory was honored with an Excellence Award for Joint Prevention of Accidents and Management of Toxic Chemicals presented by the Environmental Protection Administration in 2015. Through cooperation with local competent authorities, communication, contacts, and cooperation experiences in the field of joint accident prevention operations by factories in the industrial park are strengthened.

Safety and health workshops


After newly inducted employees report for duty, they have to participate in Work Safety and Health Workshops. This training makes employees familiar with them with the characteristics and dangers of various chemical substances (dangerous and hazardous objects) present in work environments or during operations inside factories as well as prescribed methods and operations.

When newly inducted employees report for duty in production areas, they are educated on the steps and procedures and important precautions pertaining to production process area operations by certified instructors before they are given access to production lines. Production unit executives constantly monitor compliance with operating standards and procedures by newly inducted employees. Non-complying employees receive guidance to ensure compliance.

Safety and health workshops (in accordance with production conditions) are organized on a non-scheduled basis to meet the needs of active duty staff. These courses are planned by labor safety and health administrators, while factory, production unit, and QC unit executives or other qualified personnel serve as instructors.

Personnel and environment inspections


During production processes, raw materials, personnel, and environments are key and indispensable components of product safety. All TTY factories therefore strictly abide by norms governing personnel and workplaces. Personal hygiene habits, hand hygiene, wearing and cleanliness of work clothes are required daily inspection items prior to initiation of production operations. Production environment inspections include machinery, equipment, packing materials, airborne microbes, and the quality of the water used for production processes in the factories to ensure implementation of various controls. These inspections guarantee that consumers are provided with safe, healthy, and worry-free products.

TTY's Responsibility

Under the leadership of an outstanding and professional management team, TTY Biopharm strives to improve the quality of life of the human race with technology and to become the leader in Taiwan's biotechnology industry. We firmly
believe that a corporation should fulfill its social responsibility and avoid damaging the long-term value of the corporation, the nation, and even the earth for the sake of short-term profit. The corporation should uphold the creed of sustainable development
whether in terms of the economy, society, or the environment so that it can create eternal value for the corporation.