About TTY

TTY Biopharm Company Limited was established in 1960. For more than fifty years, TTY Biopharm has transformed from a production and sales oriented traditional generic drug pharmaceutical factory into development and marketing of branded generic drugs. With unending self-renovation and transformation, we utilize the experience, technology, and relationship network accumulated over the decades to seek improvement. Today, we redefine ourselves as a biotech company focusing on developing special formulations and new drugs. We hope to finally achieve our enterprise vision of “raising the quality of life for mankind through science and technology, and improving the status of Chinese people in the life industry worldwide.”




The core enterprise cultural values of TTY
Contribution to society While earning profits, we also engage in endeavors that contribute to the society. Whatever we do, we begin from societal values. We staunchly refuse to do anything that gains profit but does not contribute to society.
Integrity Always place the benefit of the company above personal gain. Thoroughly understand and analyze oneself and the current environment. Balance long term goals against the short term. Establish concrete strategic goals. Take no shortcuts. Be sure to firmly execute strategic goals from start to finish. At the same time, we encourage constructive conflicts. In the course of executing towards the goal, once problems are discovered or opinions differ, we face the essential fact of the issue, and return to the basics. Our attitude is to go to the bottom, and thoroughly communicate and discuss with all parties involved. No gray area is allowed, and nor do we cover up the problem. We accept honest failure, and turn admonition into education.
Innovation Nothing is impossible! Through sufficient communication, we form consensus principles without losing our culture of diversity, and the innovative methods arising out of different viewpoints. Suggestions made with the positive thinking spirit (knowing oneself and the environment, integrating innovation and reality, and balancing long term against the short term), such as all projects or career plans, will have their chance to proceed in TTY!
Once the goal and control points for stages are clearly defined for missions, we execute with reality in view. No issue is avoided, and no backpedalling for difficulties. We must reach the goal of our mission!


We deeply believe that “people” is the most important core of an organization. Under our well rounded talent development mechanisms in TTY, we encourage lifetime learning, knowledge sharing, driving to one’s own excellence, or even proactively volunteering for tasks with developmental potentials to enhance personal capability. On one hand, through the knowledge and learning platform of TTY University, we help our people think systematically, understand our strengths, learn about industrial value chain knowledge, and transform knowledge into capabilities. On the other hand, through continuous PDP (Personal development program), we provide well-timed advices on work or developmental recommendations. We hope that every one of us can subscribe to our organizational core values. We seek to learn and practice the core values of TTY, and to expand both the capability of our people and the pattern of our company with attitudes such as integrity, solid efforts, aggressive improvement, innovation, continuous improvement, being results-oriented, customer oriented, and teamwork.


TTY Milestone

​- In 2017, Achieved top 5% performance of TPEx-listed companies in the 3rd Company Governance Assessment.
- In 2014, Acquisition of a Taiwanese drug permit license for Brosym for Injection. 
- In 2013, TTY won the Outstanding Company of the Year from the Taiwan Bio Industry Organization Award.