Technology Development



TTY focuses on developing existing pharmaceutical agents into different formulations that improve their delivery, route of administration, or frequency of administration. TTY provides a wide range of cooperation models such as CRO, CMO and CDMO. Once you have meticulously selected TTY as your choice, we offer a complete package of pharmaceutical development services from formulation development to commercial production, all under one roof.

Why Choose TTY As Your Reliable Partner

Efficient Drug Delivery Technology

TTY focuses on developing specialty products encapsulated in Liposomes and Microspheres for efficient, targeted delivery.


Wide Range of Services

TTY offers you a broad range of expertise and technologies with extensive services from innovative Research and Development to Production and Operation Compliance.


Flexibility and Scalability

TTY is capable of developing and manufacturing conventional products for you. From lab scale to commercial production, our facilities are equipped to meet your needs.


Fast and Reliable Service

TTY is committed to work with you and promises rapid, reliable, and accurate results to your specifications.


Exceptional Care

TTY is a well-established biopharmaceutical company, we do things right and we tailor to meet your expectations.