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These health care products are medical level supplements with the effectiveness that has been clinically tested. We also provide professional consulting services regarding these products. These health supplements can reduce the uncomfortable perception resulting from illness or external features and improve physical and mental satisfaction with increasing confidence and positive thinking required for living a healthy and happy life.
For more information about these products, please call the toll-free line 080-0009345.

Reductil is the only approved weight control medication with “double” weight reduction effects (increasing satiety and thermogenesis) in Taiwan. It is safe, effective and widely used by over 18 million people in the world with more than 20 thousand users in Taiwan each month. Reductil has a market share of 80% among approved weight control products in Taiwan; its GP distribution channels and sales volume in 2007 leaves Viagra far behind. Professional TTY weight control nutritionists are available to provide weight reduction and medication consulting service based on your condition to help you safely reduce weight.
  • Effective for shaping your lower body
    The clinical test shows that 94% of people lose on average 3-4 kg and reduce more than one inch of the waistline and buttock after taking Reductil for the first month.
  • Safe:
  • Reductil is registered in over 90 countries globally and the clinical test shows that Reductil is safe and effective for continuous dosage for two years.
  • Convenient:
    One tablet a day. Simple and convenient.
    No embarrassing or annoying side effects such as fatty excrement, flatus and incontinence.
If you are not sure whether your Reductil is generic, please call 080-00-9345.

Emangain Emangain

Emangain can provide a long lasting stimulation for the immune system and improve body health to resist the allergen and relieve allergy symptoms.
Emangain is an orally taken high content bacteria-friendly product. The bacteria type is Lactobacillus johnsonii EM1. It can survive exposure to hydrochloric acid and choline, and stays in the intestines to propagate and provide a long lasting effect.

  • According to the summery of hospital clinical case, 77% of severe atopic dermatitis patients, aged 2-12, relieved from their symptoms after taking Emangain for 6 weeks (pic)
  • According to the summery of hospital clinical case, 80% of atopic dermatitis patients, aged 2-12, relieved from their symptoms after taking Emangain for 6 weeks
    ( pic)

This product is only available in hospital and clinics. If you found people selling Emangian on the Internet, please call 080-009345 to check whether it is generic Emangain.
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